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The Miracle Church on Allendale

In 2001, recognizing St. Philip's Episcopal Church's need for expanded space, churches in the Reedy River Convocation united to create a worship space through hands-on volunteer labor. Guided by a steering committee, led by Reverend Beth Wickenburg Ely, members from various Episcopal congregations dedicated over a year to planning, financing, and securing donations. Construction commenced in July, with Episcopalians volunteering side by side each weekend, sharing laughter and labor. The dream of "The Miracle Church" took shape as donations of materials and funds poured in from across the diocese. Dedicated and consecrated on December 5, 2002, under Bishop Dorsey Felix Henderson, Jr., and Reverend Ely, St. Philip's held its first service on Christmas Eve, marking the realization of a remarkable community effort.


                    Let us work together to serve the Lord with gladness as we bring this to fruition.


 To fulfill the Great Commission of God which involves comforting and renewing God’s people by providing spiritual, physical, social and mental well-being to God’s people through local, national and world mission programs.  

We Believe

We believe in one God,
   the Father, the Almighty,
   maker of heaven and earth,
   of all that is, seen and unseen.

St. Philip's Episcopal Church stands as a testament to the extraordinary courage of Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Priestly. As the lone "negro" communicant of Christ Church Episcopal in Greenville in the early 1900s, she approached Rev. Alexander Robert Mitchell, expressing her vision for a separate church where black Episcopalians could worship. In 1914, this vision became reality with the establishment of St. Philip's as a mission church. The consecration, presided over by Bishop C. Alfred Cole, marked the beginning of a community committed to Episcopal worship and spiritual fellowship for African Americans in Greenville—a legacy of resilience and faith that endures to this day.

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