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At St. Philip’s, our vibrant community thrives through the dedication of individuals and ministries that collectively shape our spiritual journey. Guided by our rector, the heartbeat of our church, and harmonized by our talented organist and choir, we find inspiration in worship. The steadfast commitment of the vestry ensures our growth and sustains our mission. Ministries, including Episcopal Church Women, Baptized for Life, Altar Guild, Daughters of the King, and Choir, weave a tapestry of service, fellowship, and spiritual formation. Together, we embark on a journey of faith, enriching our shared experience at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church.

Church Leadership & Staff

Almighty and ever-present God, we humbly bring before you our leaders in the Episcopal Church. Grant them wisdom, discernment, and courage as they navigate the path of guidance for our faith community. May your Holy Spirit inspire and strengthen them in their roles, that they may lead with compassion, humility, and a deep commitment to your divine will. Surround them with your grace, and may they serve with love, understanding, and a steadfast dedication to the values of our faith. Bless our leaders, O Lord, that through their guidance, we may continue to grow as a community of believers, united in love and unwavering in our commitment to your Gospel. In your holy name, we pray. Amen.


Senior Warden                    Jimmy Martin
Junior Warden                    William Little
Secretary                                Ann Marie Jones
Treasurer                               Brenda Martin
Assistant Treasurer        John Jones
Member                                  Rogers Stinson   
Member                                  Kenneth Tackett

Episcopal Church Women

President                       Cody Fuller
Secretary                        Janice Smith
Treasurer                       Martha Ann Mial

Atlar Guild

Cody Fuller
Martha Ann Mial
Mallorie Morrison, Head
Annetta Stinson
Mary Joyce Thompson

Daughters of the King

Ann Marie Jones
Betty Martin
Martha Ann Mial
Mallorie Morrison
Joan Porter
Annetta Stinson
Christine Zellner

Ministries & Outreach

St. Philip's diverse ministries and outreach initiatives embody our commitment to extending compassion beyond our walls, fostering a spirit of service, inclusivity, and transformative impact within our community and beyond.


Music Ministry

The music ministry and choir at St. Philip's grace our worship with harmonious melodies, uplifting the spirit and creating a sacred atmosphere of praise and unity.


Atlar Guild

The Altar Guild at St. Philip's serves with reverence and dedication, ensuring the sacred space reflects the sanctity of our worship, enhancing the spiritual experience for all.

Food Pantry

Food Pantry

St. Philip's Food Pantry stands as a beacon of compassion, providing essential support to those in need within our community.


Episcopal Church Women

Episcopal Church Women at St. Philip's are a source of strength and fellowship, weaving a supportive community that engages in service, spirituality, and shared devotion.


Baptized 4 Life

Baptized for Life at St. Philip's is a transformative journey of faith, guiding individuals toward a deeper understanding and lifelong commitment to their Christian identity.


Daughters of the King

Daughters of the King at St. Philip's stand as a steadfast sisterhood, committed to prayer, service, and spiritual growth, enriching our faith community with their unwavering dedication.

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